Gohl Gmbh is in Germany number 1 in the market of cooling towers.

Founded in 1933 by Ernst Wilhelm Gohl, is very active in the last 50 years in evaporative cooling technology with many prestigious clients in his portfolio. Innovative technologies, quality and fair partnership has laid the foundation to his success.

With regular delivery of more than 1000 cooling towers per year, Gohl demonstrated performance and reliability of its products. 80 employees work at the Gohl company, including a production facility located in Singen, in the south of Germany.


For over 50 years the company Gohl is ranked among the market leaders in the production of cooling towers. Gohl brand means high quality and experience. Our goal is to provide to our customers efficient solutions with a high degree of operational reliability. Through a wide range of product lines and custom-made equipment by modular design guarantee the perfectly fitting system solution, even for most challenging requirements.


Permanently good cooling – Gohl produces cooling towers with an extremely long life and minimum maintenance requirements. This is ensured by high-quality materials and solid construction, manufactured by a commpetent personnel.