For over 50 years, Jacir uses passion and experience acquired in aeraulic, thermodynamics and construction of materials to provide to customers an extremely wide range of cooling towers.

Our towers keep up with the latest environmental regulations in the market, satisfying the desired noise levels, different ventilation needs, materials and packaging tailored to each requirement.

In addition, most towers in the range are scalable and can be further equipped with systems:

  • plume suppression
  • water-saving systems
  • soundproofing

Beyond a complete range of systems made in France, Jacir offers through his partner in Romania, Euroconfort Grup, full service support and maintenance for its products.

Why do we have a ladybird on our logo?

Ladybugs like to eat other insects that are harmful to crops. Although it is an innate and voracious predator, gardeners and children loved him quickly, being considered a premier fighter in organic gardening.


  • Wet cooling towers for air conditioning and industrial cooling.
  • Open, closed, hybrid cooling towers and adiabatic.
  • Revamping of all types of cooling towers.
  • Evaporative coolers.
  • Cooling tower rental.
  • Spare parts.